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Spotlight on Our Pharmacy Manager

2 June 2021 | Categories: Uncategorized|

Author: Clair Anderson, Founder & COO

BACKGROUND CHECK: Charyl Villar is the perfect mix of calm and meticulous, with a wicked sense of humor! She is always smiling and takes time out to laugh, sing and listen to music. She loves to get out into nature for a walk on the beach or to play with her kids.

Pharmacy is a busy, high pressure industry – there is no room for mistakes Charyl always says. A pharmacist deals with the patient and the medical industry professions to deliver a comprehensive service, forming a vital link in the medical chain.

It has been a long road to Kama Health as Charyl studied BS Pharmacy at University of Santo Tomas in the Philippines for 4 years, including the board examination. When she came to Canada, she needed to take 5 different examinations to get her license! Her application for Kama Pharmacy to dispense directly to our online patients is awaiting approval from the BC College of Pharmacists.

Getting to Know Your Pharmacist

1. What quality best suits you to Pharmacy?

I am a quick study when it comes to systems and procedures. With patients, I practice care and empathy, and overall, I am resilient.

2. Are pharmacists allowed to prescribe treatments?

Yes. But only for emergency supply for the continuity of care and we can also recommend Schedule II and III drugs for patients.

3. If you weren't a pharmacist, what would you be doing?

I would be a nurse, an engineer or a full-time mom!.

4. What inspires you to get up in the morning...

The grace of God giving me another day to be with my family, to enjoy their company keeps me going.

5. What book is on your bedside table?

The Bible.

6. Health tips for Canadians during Covid.

Stay at home, always wear your face mask when in public area, keep washing your hands, always have alcohol-based hand sanitizer, keep 6 feet distance when people are around, eat healthy food and rest well. And keep connected (virtually) to your family and friends.

Our Wonder Woman!

Life is a precious gift. Let us enjoy and cherish every moment – Charyl

Not all super hero’s wear capes – Charyl strives to balance work and home life and is motivated to bring this balance to the realm of pharmacy and how medicines are dispensed. By moving pharmacy online, the patient’s health experience is prioritised.