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Does Tadalafil or the brand name Cialis give you a satisfying erection to allow desired intimacy?

By: Mae Ruiz
Reviewed by: Dr. Rajeev Mangat

Sex is meant to be enjoyed by the parties involved, but unfortunately, your sex life and performance may change as you age. The most common sexual disorder is Erectile Dysfunction, also known as ED, which can affect a third of the male population. But what is Erectile Dysfunction?

What You Need To Know About Erectile Dysfunction?

ED is the inability to sustain an erection during intercourse. Although this can sometimes happen for some men, if the problem occurs frequently or happens for an extended period, this should be a cause for concern.

Erectile Dysfunction can either be a short-term or long-term issue. Here are the signs that you may have ED:

ED can be pretty normal, especially amongst older men, but it can also be a symptom of a more complicated health problem. You are more prone to experience ED if you have the following attributes:

How To Best Handle Erectile Dysfunction

If you are experiencing any symptoms of ED, your best course of action is to consult a doctor to help you understand what you are going through. Some men may be put off by the idea of talking about their sexual problems with their physician, but it’s important to know that you are not alone and there are many simple options available for treatment.

One of the most highly recommended forms of treatment for ED is Generic Tadalafil, which increases the blood flow to the penis. This will help in getting an erection and sustaining it, which can lead to a more pleasurable and sustained sexual experience.

More About Tadalafil

Cialis, which is a brand name for Tadalafil, is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Health Canada and can also be used to treat BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia. It is an oral tablet which you can buy over the counter with a prescription or through online pharmacies like Kama Health.

Cialis/Tadalafil can be taken as a daily low-dose or on-demand higher-dose pill. They belong to the PDE5 family of inhibitors or phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors and are also made available in the generic form called generic Cialis.

How Does Cialis or Tadalafil Work?

Many men prefer Cialis or Tadalafil because it can give them a satisfying erection for up to 36 hours. This wonder pill is highly effective in treating ED cases and can help improve a man's sexual performance even when taken in lower doses.

But how does it work?

Generic Tadalafil is the active component found in Cialis, and it works by increasing blood flow by inhibiting the PDE-5 enzyme. Blood flow to the penis increases, primarily when the user is engaged in sexual activity, leading to an erection.

The pill helps the muscles and arteries inside the penis relax, ultimately increasing the blood flow. When the penis is relaxed, and there is an increase in the blood flow, an erection will most likely follow, especially when you are sexually aroused.

If a man who takes Cialis continues to have issues in experiencing an erection, this could be due to several other factors, such as not taking the correct dose or an underlying medical condition. Please consult with your physician immediately.

How To Get The Best Results With Generic Cialis or Tadalafil?

As with any form of medication, Generic Cialis should be taken correctly to ensure its efficacy. Here are some tips to assist you, especially if you are a first-time user:

1. Only buy Cialis/Tadalafil from reputable pharmacies or sellers. Always check the reputation of the Cialis seller through reviews and testimonies from actual customers. This will prevent you from getting scammed and not getting the expected results.

2. Always read the Patient Information Leaflet before you start taking Cialis or Tadalafil. It is also essential to avoid consuming alcohol or recreational drugs, which can make the pill less potent.

3. Follow the recommended dose as prescribed. You can either take it daily or on demand. The dosage is determined based on the patient's condition and other essential factors, such as existing medications.

4. Inform the pharmacist or physician if you are taking any other medications that may cause an interaction with Cialis. If you take medicines for your blood pressure or angina, you must inform the doctor since it may lead to severe complications.

5. Know and understand the possible side effects of taking Cialis or Tadalafil. Apart from experiencing a prolonged erection, you may experience other side effects, which include the following:

Final Thoughts

Physical intimacy and satisfaction are essential to any relationship. Having ED may cause problems not just in your sex life but also in your relationship. Sexual disorders can also lead to lower self-esteem, which can sometimes cause serious mental health problems. Therefore, seeking the best treatment for ED, such as using Cialis, is imperative for your overall well being.

Discovering the right ED treatment sometimes reveals other health concerns that you may not have been aware of. ED can sometimes be caused by health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure. When you are fully aware of your overall health, why you might be experiencing ED and what causes it, you will have access to the best treatment to improve your quality of life.