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Erectile Dysfunction: How do you know if you are suffering from it?

Erectile dysfunction, also called ED, is a medical condition affecting men of all ages but is more common among older men. ED is the inability to attain or maintain an erection during sexual intercourse. This condition can either be an occasional or persistent problem and needs medical attention, where a doctor may prescribe the optimal oral treatment, such as generic tadalafil.

What are the Signs and Symptoms of ED?

If you have erectile dysfunction, then you will most likely experience the following symptoms:

What are the Common Causes of ED?

Physical and psychological factors and certain medications can cause ED. Check out the following typical causes of ED:

Physical Causes

Psychological Causes


How is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed?

Here are the ways to find out if the patient has ED:

Laboratory Testing - Your doctor may recommend a series of tests to check for blood sugar, hormone, and lipid levels. Further tests may be needed, such as NPT or nocturnal penile tumescence, penile blood flow studies, or ultrasound imaging.

1. Medical History

The healthcare provider will gather information regarding the patient’s medical and sexual history and overall health to help identify the cause of ED, whether it is due to a medical condition or certain medications.

2. Physical Examination

The doctor will examine the patient’s blood pressure, genitalia, nervous system function, and heart rate.

3. Psychological Evaluation

There may be cases where the doctor will recommend a psychological evaluation to determine the cause of ED properly.

Depending on the examination results, the doctor will recommend the proper treatment, such as prescribing generic Tadalafil, or they may recommend buying Levitra vardenafil.

Easy Tips for Consulting with Your Doctor about ED

If you are experiencing signs of ED, then the first thing you need to do is to schedule an appointment with your healthcare provider. Never self-medicate, even if you intend to just use generic tadalafil. Your doctor is the best person who can give the proper diagnosis and treatment and ultimately help you manage your condition. Here is what you can do to help prepare for your doctor’s appointment:

  1. Be honest with your doctor. Do not hesitate or be ashamed to disclose all details to your doctor, especially your sexual history. Be open about your medical history and lifestyle habits that may contribute to ED.
  2. Do not hesitate to bring someone with you during the consultation if you need emotional support.
  3. Compile a list of all the medications that you are taking, including OTC drugs and natural supplements. You should discuss with your doctor if you should take generic tadalafil or any other oral medication for ED with what you are currently taking.
  4. Create a list of all the symptoms that you are experiencing. Also, note how long you have been experiencing such symptoms and be specific about any changes in your sex life.
  5. Prepare your questions. Do not hold back with the questions, especially since this concerns your sexual health. Ask about the different treatment options, such as taking generic tadalafil, or if they can recommend other forms of treatment. Honesty is vital in getting the best treatment plan in place for you!

Do’s and Don’ts for ED Patients

There is no need to be concerned if you have been diagnosed with ED. After all, there are many treatment options for this condition, such as generic tadalafil, that have been proven to be effective. You are not alone, as ED affects millions of men around the globe. Here is a quick guide to help you manage erectile dysfunction:


  1. Do communicate with your partner. Be open with your partner and be honest about your condition. ED can cause strain in relationships, and it would help significantly if your partner understood your situation.
  2. Consider therapy, especially when you need a backup plan for your generic tadalafil meds. Proper therapy sessions with a professional can help uncover the hidden psychological factors that can cause ED.
  3. Do keep a healthy lifestyle. Change your eating habits by adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet. Get enough exercise and quit smoking and lessen your alcohol consumption.
  4. To manage stress and get enough rest. You can also try other programs that can help reduce stress, such as yoga or meditation.
  5. Do talk to your doctor. If you think that your generic tadalafil medication is not working or if you have any concerns, contact them immediately. Again, do not self-medicate or try ED treatments without consulting a healthcare provider.


  1. Do not be embarrassed about your condition. There is no shame in seeking the best treatment, such as generic tadalafil, and getting expert help.
  2. Do not ignore the symptoms. Remember that ED could be a sign of a more serious health condition. It is best to see a doctor immediately once you experience any ED symptoms.
  3. Do not try a quick fix. OTC medication, which has not been proven effective, can be very dangerous or expensive and ineffective. Do not go for unproven medications that claim to be effective in treating ED. Instead, only trust your healthcare provider to get the best results. Your local pharmacist is also an excellent resource for discussing which natural supplements may help improve your situation.
  4. Do not use illegal drugs or misuse prescription medications. Substance abuse can also cause ED, and illegal drugs, in general, can be very dangerous.
  5. Don’t use alcohol as an aphrodisiac. Never take too much alcohol, especially when taking ED meds like generic tadalafil.

Following the mentioned dos and don’ts allows you to efficiently and effectively manage and control your ED and have a more enjoyable and fulfilling sex life.