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Regain Your Romantic Rhythm

1 March 2021 | Categories: Erectile Dysfunction

Regain Your Romantic Rhythm When Life is Halted by the Duo-Depression and Erectile Dysfunction

Relationship between ED and Depression

Sexual health relies on mental health and in most cases, both are intertwined. Sexual health issues, such as ED can also give rise to a variety of psychological issues e.g., anxiety, depression. At the same time, depression also has a big impact on sexual desire and performance. The last thing you want when you have ED is depression.

Given that we know what affects ED, it is not shocking to see the rise in ED rate during this pandemic. It is also worth emphasizing that, many men experience ED and depression at some point regardless of pandemic.

Well, the good news is that the cause of your ED and depression both are treatable!

Here are some steps you can take to enrich your overall sexual life:

Talk to your healthcare provider:

Talk to your partner:

Advice to the partner:

Avoid pitfalls:

Get Healthier:

Author: Niki Shah

Pharmacy Manager at SRx Health Solutions. A seasoned and highly motivated Pharmacist with a real passion for health innovation and women’s health. She is an intuitive, empathetic, and respected health care provider.

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