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What Are The Dangers of Taking Tadalafil or Generic Cialis?

By: Mae Ruiz
Reviewed by: Dr. Rajeev Mangat

Poor sexual performance will not only damage a man’s ego but can also cause relationship problems and feelings of disconnect. Erectile dysfunction (ED) is considered one of the most common kinds of sexual issues affecting 1 in 10 adult males. It has been reported that over 30 million men in the United States are affected by ED and 3 million Canadian men over 40. Fortunately, there are many proven treatments and medications, such as Cialis Tadalafil, that can help in managing this condition.

Signs and Symptoms of ED to Look Out For

Trouble in the bedroom is not always caused by erectile dysfunction. Many men will eventually experience erection problems, but if this issue persists, you most likely have a severe problem that needs immediate attention. Here are some of the common signs of ED:

If you have any of the issues below, then you may have a higher risk of experiencing ED:

How Is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed

If you feel you may have ED, it is best to talk with an expert, such as your family doctor or urologist. Some people may find this uncomfortable, but the only way to get a proper diagnosis and treatment, with products such as Cialis or Tadalafil, is to consult a physician. The doctor will request your medical and sexual history, and you may also undergo a physical health exam.

It is essential to provide accurate and honest information to your doctor, especially about your medical and sexual history, since this will help the doctor determine your condition. A physical exam will also be conducted to help determine the causes of ED. In some cases, the urologist will also request further tests such as blood, imaging, injection or nocturnal erection.

Why Is Tadalafil or Generic Equivalent Cialis a Popular ED Medication?

If you have ever thought about taking generic Cialis Tadalafil or are simply looking for the best treatment for ED, here are some reasons why this treatment option should be considered:

1. More Impromptu Sex

Having ED means not being able engage in spontaneous lovemaking, which can stressful and unfulfilling. Fortunately, taking Cialis in small doses daily can solve this problem. Just make sure to take medicine at the same time every day.

2. Lesser Side Effects

Tadalafil is known to be quite effective and with reduced side effects when the patient is prescribed the pill daily. This means you may not experience some of the common aftereffects like headache or congestion. Taking Cialis or the generic equivalent Tadalafil daily in small doses will result in a consistent concentration in the body.

3. Your Prostate Will Thank You

Tadalafil can help prevent prostate enlargement, which is beneficial to men who may have prostate problems. However, taking Tadalafil should not be regarded as a first-line medication for any prostate conditions.

4. Tadalafil Is Also Good For The Heart

Tadalafil has been shown to provide beneficial effects to men who have existing cardiovascular conditions and even those who have diabetes.

Generic Cialis or Tadalafil Side Effects to Consider

Tadalafil, like any other medication, goes through a rigorous process to get approved by the FDA and Health Canada. However, this does not mean that these types of medication do not come with side effects. If prescribed Cialis, possible side effects should always be considered.

Taking Cialis may aggravate an existing medical conditions, and patients must get clearance from the doctor before they are prescribed the pill. If you have any of the following conditions, you may need to find another ED treatment option:

Factors such as genetic background, drug interactions and medical history can determine if the patient will experience any side effects from taking Cialis. Generally, here are the common side effects that may occur when taking Cialis:

1. Headache

Headaches are common even if you are not taking any form of ED medicine. If you are prescribed a higher dosage of Cialis, then there is a high probability that you will experience headaches. This is because taking Tadalafil will lower blood pressure levels.

2. Indigestion or Dyspepsia

This can happen to patients prescribed a higher dosage of Cialis. Indigestion occurs because the medication loosens up the lower esophageal sphincter, the organ which regulates stomach movements. The acids in the stomach will pile up and make their way to the esophagus, leading to indigestion.

3. Muscle or Back Pain

These side effects usually go away after a few hours. Men who get back pain and muscle aches usually get it 12 to 24 hours after taking Cialis and usually subside within 2 days.

Are The Risks Worth It?

Taking Cialis or the generic equivalent Tadalafil is safe. However, you need to make sure that you take the medication as prescribed, and you should not make any drastic changes, such as upping your dose without consulting your doctor.

Here are some tips to help you get the most out of taking Cialis or Tadalafil:

  1. Avoid overconsumption of alcohol which can affect achieving an erection.
  2. Do not take high-fat meals since it can slow down the effects of the medication.
  3. Do not drink grapefruit juice since it will increase the levels of Cialis in the system and will likely cause adverse side effects.

In conclusion, Cialis Tadalafil has been proven to be a safe and effective option for those suffering from erectile dysfunction. The benefits definitely outweigh the possible risks for many users. If you are still on the fence about taking this medication for your ED, schedule a consultation with one of our doctors (link to kama website) who can better assist you and help you improve your quality of life.