We are excited to announce the addition of our WOMEN’S Wellness Division of Kama Health. Our goal has been to grow Kama Health as the leader of wellness products and services for men and women as they go through the physical and mental changes brought on by menopause and andropause. We also want to provide you with the best possible pricing for your prescriptions on OTC products.

Breaking the stigma associated with the complex topic of sex in our 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond is essential to us! We hope to provide you with the best products, services and expertise from our team of professionals here at Kama Health. Let’s embrace this next stage in our lives, understand and treat some physical challenges and open discussions around sexuality as we age!

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one of 3 x $100 Plant Therapy skincare packages


Want to win a skincare gift pack valued at $100? Simply give KAMA HEALTH a GOOGLE REVIEW and you’re entered! At the end of the month we will give 3 lucky winners 3 products by PLANT THERAPY, a new mature skincare line specifically for women and men in andropause and menopause. You’ll love this new skincare line full of natural ingredients created by SWEET LEILANI.

Leilani Kopp

Cosmetic Formulator, Sweet LeiLani & Kama Health

LeiLani is the owner of Sweet LeiLani Cosmetics, an all natural, plant based, eco-friendly cosmetics and skincare company in business since 2005. Leilani has joined the team at Kama Health as our skincare anad intimate care product formulator. She is also a Certified Paramedical, treating individuals recovering from unsightly scars, natural skin imperfections, and the suffering from the lis of one or two breast due to cancer. LeiLani heads up our skincare division and the launch of Plant Therapy, products specifically developed for the unique stages of mature skin.

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Meet Tammy-Lynn

We are pleased to announce the addition of Tammy-Lynn McNabb to our team. As the host of “Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV,” a national TV series that gives the viewer up-to-date information on what’s going on in the health and wellness industry, Tammy-Lynn will lead a team of wellness professionals at Kama Health and brings over 20 years of experience in men’s and women’s health. She is a registered holistic practitioner and certified in medicinal plants.

“As a 55-year-old woman who experienced multiple challenges during menopause, I’m excited to bring my passion for health and wellness to Kama Health and normalize the conversation around maintaining a healthy sex life as we age and change during mid-life”, says McNabb. She adds, ‘For years, talking about erectile dysfunction or vaginal dryness was taboo. It’s a conversation I wanted to address for years on my TV show, but people were too embarrassed. It’s time to change that, and I love that Kama Health is prepared to break the stigma and lead the charge in this new frontier!”

Kama Health will be the premiere sponsor of Health Wellness & Lifestyle. In each episode, a group of sexual wellness experts have a candid, round table talk about erectile dysfunction, vaginal dryness, hot flashes and what you need to know to navigate this complicated journey.

“Teaming up with Kama Health and having Health Wellness & Lifestyle TV dedicate an entire show to Erectile Dysfunction and Menopause is fantastic. The group of doctors and wellness leaders gives the viewers a chance to get answers to questions that are often too embarrassing to approach. Kama Health is a leader in normalizing sexual health for individuals in their 40s, 50s, 60s and beyond!” notes Tammy-Lynn.

Want to watch the episode on TV? The show airs Monday to Saturday on JoyTV and The One TV. Simply go to your TV guide and search for ‘TAMMYLYNN MCNABB’ or ‘HEALTH AND WELLNESS.’ or click on the link below for a full list of stations across Canada.

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